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Thread: Spraying Preservation Oil into Cylinders

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    Spraying Preservation Oil into Cylinders

    Following the lycoming Service bulletin for engine preservation, I'll be using Aeroshell 2XN mixed with Aeroshell 100 oil.
    It says to spray atomized preservation oil into the cylinders using an airless spray gun such as "Gunjet Model 24A-8395" which I can't find anywhere.

    I'm wondering what other people are using to spray preservation oil into their cylinders prior to storage?

    An inexpensive hand pump sprayer such as something used for chemical spraying would be ideal if there is something out there that can atomize the high viscosity of aeroshell 2XN mixed with Aeroshell 100.

    Thanks for the help!

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    The good folks at Barrett Precision Engines told me to squirt LPS2 through both plug ports. The LPS lubricants come in an aerosol can with those straw like nozzles.

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    Have you tried contacting Spraying Systems Co. directly at 1.800.95.SPRAY??? Perhaps your model number has been superseded or is out of production and they could recommend an alternative for you. Good luck.
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    Mike Busch recommended this to me: SOLO 418 2 Liter One-Hand Pressure Sprayer. $34.00 at Amazon

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    You can buy engine fogging oil in a spray can at your local auto parts store. That's what I used to preserve the engine in my Starduster, along with the recommended Aeroshell preservative oil in the crankcase.

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