Where I am no longer present is automotive technology. I parked the yellow MPG Pinto my sister gave me when she couldn't get good money on a trade in 1987. My driver's license expired two years later in 1989. "Some places you can only get to by walking." I could walk to Big Beaver Airport while the widow still owned it and provided training with Cessna 152's and Robinson helicopters. I wanted to go to Sarajevo mostly on a "mortar detection radar" concept but that was way too far. I could also walk to Troy Executive Airport looking for where and when the North Koreans would arrive in 1990. The fence was down was the news to change my mythical participation at the Panmunjom table where the other side could placed loaded revolvers at their place.

Marines infantry kept my ideas humble. Not until 1992 did I join Powerhouse Gym and gradually build an ability to run again from 15 second sprints recommended in an Olympic Weightlifting text as I was working with the IWF in Budapest and learning to write in appropriate script alphabet. Women finally lifted at the Olympics in Sydney in 2000 after missing in 1996 in Atlanta. State wide I met women from Ohio and Michigan in 1995 and 1996 and helped them to get weighed in.