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    poker runs

    Hi all, I am president of Chapter 148 in Galion, Ohio. Poker runs for pilots have become popular and we were thinking about taking that to a higher level. Has anyone tried a multiple weekend poker run and fly in breakfast situation? Say chapter A hosts a poker run and FIB one weekend involving multiple airports. The next weekend chapter B hosts the event involving the same airports and so on through 3 or 4 weekends. We are not sure if this would work or how it would work so I thought I would throw it out there to see if any chapters had tried anything like this. Our thinking was that it might encourage a larger group of pilots to take part and by involving other chapters the threat of bad weather might not scuttle the whole thing. Thanks in advance for any advice or insights, Mike Murphy.

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    I don’t have any first hand knowledge of that situation, but our chapter doesn’t try to have too many events on a row. People have other things to do on the weekends, so we try to not take up too much of the members’ time.

    An example is that there’s plenty of NCAA basketball pools at work, but it didn’t work when we tried an NHL playoff pool since everyone lost interest because it lasted so long.

    Perhaps try it over two weekends to see if that improves the event over a single day before moving to the 3-4 weekends.

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