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Thread: Pull Cord for Rotax 503

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    Pull Cord for Rotax 503

    Does anyone have a pull cord with handle & pulley for a Rotax 503 they would like to sell?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevinlane View Post
    Does anyone have a pull cord with handle & pulley for a Rotax 503 they would like to sell?
    Go to the hardware store an buy a lawnmower replacement cord. Alternitively, get the appropriate length of rope and a short piece of wood dowel with a hole in it.

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    What a jerk

    Actually, you can just pull the engine through if the timing and mixture are just right. The OK Cub model engines showed this. Bu-u-u-ut, all good things come to an end. As Leonardo DiCaprio's buddy in his movie about South Africa would say, "T. I. A. -- This Is Africa!" As you move up in displacement you get beyond my experience with a Lauson on a Rotohoe at 2 h.p. and pick up a 1-1/2 Hp LawnBoy in tall wet grass in the Fall by using model airplane fuel instead of gasoline and acknowledge the value of a spray can of ether to avoid breaking the rope when the timing is too advanced or the blade has struck something and sheared the key on the crank. I have never "propped" a full-sized aircraft. Seems that is where I need to start at the airfield. We bought a new mower with a bigger Briggs & Stratton here and I had to teach my sister the finesse of a snap from what seems like an impossible pull off the combustion shelf. Now she happily mows this hilly bumpy yard. Ring Dings are different. I suppose the rotating inertia of a prop makes the brap-brap-brap attempts of a 250cc single in racing tune unavailable to a powered kite.

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    $5.43 delivered, and you don't have to leave your desk:
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    If you search eBay there is a used Rotax pull start assembly for sale at $175
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