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Thread: Day 4 of 9 is in the history books

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    Day 4 of 9 is in the history books

    The crowds were very big today once the early rain storm passed by 9:30-ish. Then it was again delightfully severe clear, hot and humid but beautiful clear skies.

    I was once again on the Blue Route morning shift and each tram run was just about packed full all day. I got similar reports from the other colors. NOBODY is happy that Green is a goner. I WAS told by a bus driver that there is a yellow school bus that shuttles from the new Yellow/Blue/Camp Scholler bus terminal by Hangar B over to the Bus Park, which sounds like the perfect solution to losing Green...... but no one in Tram Service with whom I've spoken has seen said shuttle all day therefore I can neither confirm nor deny that it exists.

    In happily go on record to comment that the new Blue/Yellow and Yellow/Red tram terminals are working quite well and provide safer and faster crowd management than the previous way we did business. Also I'll go on record to note that NOBODY is happy that we are not stopping anywhere near Vintage/Boeing Plaza//Fight line. NO stops on Blue between the Hangar Cafe stop and Hangar B terminal is ONLY IN MY OPINION...... nutz. It's just too darn far between areas of interest to make any sense, and surely WAY too far for us gimpy geezers to be expected to manage....IMHO

    On a more 'pleasant note -

    "We were SO poor that pappy would put us in the pickup truck and drive into town to KFC so we could lick other peoples' fingers."


    "You do NOT need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice."

    And lastly -

    "My idiot brother is collecting burned out light bulbs. He says he wants to take up photography and build a darkroom."

    See y'all tomorrow.
    "Don't believe everything you see or read on the internet" - Abraham Lincoln

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    Excellent, Randy! We love reading your updates. Took the shuttle from the big turn-around place to Scholler, worked fine. Glad they didn't have people standing in the aisles. It's 7:42 pm now, and I feel more like I did when I got here. -Frank

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    Thank you, Randy!! I had the pleasure of riding your tram Saturday. It was wonderful to meet you. The delightful giggles from my daughter from your jokes was priceless

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