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Thread: Day 2 of 9

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    Day 2 of 9

    Loads of people even though the vendor areas are still "off limits", mostly full trams through my first shift today. got chance when I was finished at 2:00 to put a few miles on my rented mobility scooter and as it was H.O.T today, it sure beat the snot out of walking.

    Today many of the Warbirds arrived so I expect the next time I see their area it will be filling up nicely. Saturday it was completely empty.

    Tomorrow the place opens "officially' so we can finally start running the Yellow route and get folks easily from Blue to Red. Yesterday & today they've had to walk the 4 blocks or so around the restricted area.

    And to give those who can't make it on one of my trams in person a taste of what you're missing?

    "I had a problem before I left home...I spilled a bottle of spot remover on my dog...and now i can't find him."


    "I invented a glue that is guaranteed to glue EVERYTHING to everything. I'd show you how it works, but I'll be darned if I can get the cap off the bottle."

    And finally

    " I gave my idiot brother a custom-made Scrabble game.... and he thought it was a book from Ikea."
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    I've had people come over to Vintage Ops absolutely livid about the mess that is this year's tram system. It's going to be a long week.

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    Were they complaining about the system, or just Randy's jokes?

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    People hate change, but it sure makes for less of a traffic jam on Vern Ave @ Wittman Rd. Things seem to work well too at the Hangar Cafe stop. They'll get used to it. The north end of the blue route needs some tweeking with folks getting mixed together while loading/unloading but they'll get that worked out too.

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