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Thread: Melted Boelube

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    Melted Boelube

    The temps in my shop got so hot in the past few weeks that the Boelube blue paste I have melted clean through! It looked like it separated so I mixed it back up but it's still a liquid. Anyone else run into this before? Is it possible to get it to go back to a paste? Is it ruined? Thanks.
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    Mine does that whenever the weather gets hot, which is to say all summer. It's still OK, its just now liquid, until it cools off. If you bring it into an air conditioned house it will re-solidify, and if you catch it as it cools down you can stir it back together -- though I typically don't bother. Personally, I was pretty disappointed with the low melting point of the Boelube "paste". Great if you're working in a climate controlled area, but for those of us working in garages and hangars it goes from rock hard in winter to liquid in summer.
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    Mine is liquid from roughly May to November...still works fine. I keep it in the garage beverage fridge unless I'm using it, and that helps a bit.

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