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    Marcel Jurca builders Wanted !

    Looking for people who built aircraft from Marcel Jurca plans to join as volunteers on a project !
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    Aircraft Builders Romania

    Are there any aircraft builders from Romania here? Especially from Bucharest and surrounding areas. Many thanks.
  3. Many thanks for the reply, Craig. What do you...

    Many thanks for the reply, Craig. What do you propose then ? To do the parts using the printed paper clasic version ? Ok, we can do that. You gotta do or help with something, not only stand by and...
  4. Help needed for Jurca Mustang Replica !

    I have some drawings for the M77 Jurca Mustang (Gnatsum) Replica. I have some sponsors here in my country who want to help me build this. But I need your help. I do not know how detailed are these...
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