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  1. GoPro MAX 360 - Vertical and Horizontal Views

    In this video, I show how to manipulate the wide range of views available in a GoPro MAX 360 video clip. You'll be amazed at the things you can accomplish!

  2. Video: What's in that Hangar? See Pat's Beautiful Experimental Airplanes!

    Pat Long takes us inside his hangar to see two of his Experimental Aircraft Creations.
  3. GoPro MAX 360 Video Editing Tutorial with Adobe Premiere Pro

    The GoPro Max 360 camera is changing the way pilots shoot video of their aviation adventures. The high quality and flexibility of this camera is amazing. It captures a 3 hundred and 60 degree view of...
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    Pushing the GoPro MAX 360

    This Camera is amazing. So many angles to shoot from!
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    An RV-10 engine conversion video

    I shot this video for my friend in Hillsboro, TX. He installed an auto engine in his RV-10 with a prop convertor.

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    Flying - The Beauty Lives in Me.

    Aviation - There's no other experience like it. Once you get a taste, you'll always long for an another bite.
  7. You Should be a PIlot - Here's why...

    A scenic flight to Denton Enterprise airport in Denton, TX, to attend the Airplanes and Coffee event. Video shot with a GoPro MAX 360 Camera.
  8. Video: Airplanes and Coffee - Denton Enterprise Airport

    A great fly-in!
  9. Video Experiment: Single flight, single camera, the GoPro MAX 360

    It's amazing what you can to with only one camera. This video was shot with only one camera, the GoPro MAX 360.
  10. VIDEO: GoPro MAX 360 Flight - Unusual Camera Angles

    Fun Flight with some unusual angles with 2 GoPro MAX 360 cameras. The versatility of this camera is amazing!

  11. The Hangar Hotel in Fredericksburg, A must stay and eatery for Pilots!

    The Hangar Hotel is in Fredericksburg, Texas. A great (fantastic) place to fly and spend the night. Rent a car or take a shuttle into town for even more fun and frolic. Food, shopping, museums and...
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    Video: My Cessna 172K STOL Kit
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    Be Free - 360 Camera Fun

    Aviation - BE Free! The ultimate liberation from the worries of life!
  14. Recording Headset and ATC Audio for Video

    NFlightCam Aviation Audio and Power Cable for GoPro. Being able to record your headset conversations and ATC within your aviation videos is a great documentation tool, along with the opportunity to...
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    Video: I Love to FLY! No excuses

    A favorite saying is.... "Doer's don't watch and Watchers' don't do". So true. So many people say "I've always wanted to learn to fly", but then find excuses as to why they can't do it. Sorry.......
  16. EXCELLENT 100 Dollar Hamburger with a Side of CAF!

    100 Dollar Hamburgers! What better reason to go flying! Today were headed out to Lancaster Regional Airport in Lancaster, Texas. Weve heard great things about their new cafe and new terminal...
  17. Thanks! It's a nice airport. Great place to hang...

    Thanks! It's a nice airport. Great place to hang out.
  18. Video: Checking out the runway at Commerce Municipal Airport in Texas!

    Fun Places To Fly! Check out Commerce Municipal Airport! Its a beautiful day for flying! Today, were headed to Commerce Municipal Airport, which is 3 miles north of Commerce, Texas. We hear that...
  19. Oldest Privately Owned Public Use Airport in Texas!

    Mineola-Wisener Field is the oldest privately owned public use airport in Texas. Nice place to visit.
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    Video: Love those 360 Cameras!

    We recently flew out of Mineola Airport-Wisener Field, in Mineola, Texas (3F9) and shot this video using our GoPro Hero and GoPro 360 MAX cameras. It's amazing the flexibility you get with these 360...
  21. Video: A Pilot's Paradise - Cedar Mills Marina and Resort on Lake Texoma

    We flew our Cessna 172 to Cedar Mills Marina and Resort on Lake Texoma in Gordonville, TX. Such a wonderful playground for any pilot!
  22. For those of us with curved canopies. A camera mount that won't left go.

    In this video, my instructor and I show how to mount your GoPro, plus a real time video, showing how this great camera mount works on all windows and windshields on all aircraft.

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    Video: Airplanes and Coffee!

    What a great event! Lot's of airplanes and happy people. Well worth attending!
  24. The return of the One Week Wonder for AirVenture Oshkosh 2022

    Thanks to Sonex Aircraft, the EAA announced the return of the One Week Wonder for AirVenture Oshkosh 2022. Starting on Sunday, July 24, at 8 a.m., volunteers will build a Sonex Waiex, to be completed...
  25. Very Nice!

    Very Nice!
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