View Full Version : The aircraft simulations I would really like to have.

10-21-2020, 10:39 AM
First is a Harrier with swing wings to fix the technology window of 1969. Sure it might need boron filament structure to keep the weight down. It's fiction so forget what it would cost.

The second would be a B-1 so I could study the active fuselage bending moment suppression by little vanes vs. the stiffness of the 787 carbon fiber structure. I noticed the way the 787 would jerk in yaw flying over the Atlantic in late November of 2016 and thought it was a harsh yaw damper. Definitely I would love to play with this. Exactly what stretch I would want to compare is up in the air.

Transition as mechanized in the F-35B is something that now is for free. All that variable in a V/STOL Supersonic design would puzzle the Millennials who have already decided to use multiple rotors regardless of efficiency. There are still surprises out there like a AH-1 Cobra helicopter having a roll limit of 120 degrees. Or, that flying a Pitts S-2 like an F-15 pulling up to reverse course in extreme turbulence on takeoff can get into a high speed rolling maneuver that breaks the airplane. -5 to +12 G is OK but like a Sabrejet rolling pullouts near VNE are forbidden.

10-21-2020, 12:12 PM
In the vein of what I would summarize as my grandchildren's response to the complexity of learning, "You cant' stop us from not doing what we can't do!" I offer these coaching and yell posters, "No propellers on the moon!" "Compressed carbon dioxide is not the only working fluid for a jet that is free!"

I spent a long while with e-books that featured sci-fi but eventually drew away from Roman soldiers passing through star gates and battle cruisers that exploited space-time warping as freely as rigging and reefing the sails of an 18th century ship. The cervical robots inserts of "Invaders from Mars" bedeviled my mind as thoroughly in their new full backbone and spinal chord forms of transplantation.

Like the statistical mechanics caution that "It is possible for all the molecules of air in a room to end up in a single corner. by Brownian motion" I have ignored most of the What ifs now populated by suborbital tourist concepts. MAX is a Federal Prison in Colorado more escape proof and tougher than Alcatraz ever was. Sigh!

Sad, bread and water is what the local police chief claimed was the fate of prisoners in the County Jail run by the Sherriff and his deputies. Gravity has been used by probes swinging by planets to avoid excess energy gain from chemical fuel to escape the solar system. I know it works. I saw Neptune on TV as a blue sphere by being awake at 4AM. I saw two moons of Saturn on collision courses flip over each other to continue from a collision scenario. Way beyond lemonade from lemons.

10-21-2020, 12:22 PM
User Friendly, .. There is the mantra I expected to be the byline of the future. Like the earlier "Free Samples" that built the early Internet. My sons adopted code as shown In PONG, and ATARI and even LUNAR LANDER in TRS-80 BASIC off the end flaps of the CODING Book. Now 50 years later folks are sure they do not need anything but food and drink.