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  1. Pilot Workshops IFR Mastery
  2. Would you use SIM for your training if none of your time in it was logable???
  3. Educating non-IFR pilots...
  4. The return of Imc club radio!
  5. Would you fly IFR without an auto pilot?
  6. IMC Club Membership
  7. iWOAW Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide information
  8. Should an annual IPC be mandatory and require use of simulators?
  9. Advice for IFR flight up east coast
  10. How Important is General Aviation Training for Airline Pilots?
  11. Weather briefing sites
  12. Would You Participate In This Type of Flight Review?
  13. Accelerated VS. Old Fashion Flight Training
  14. What would you choose?
  15. DME required for KBKV ILS/LOC RWY9?
  16. Can I fly IFR in VMC if my instrument rating is not current?
  17. Full run-up?
  18. Entering into IMC...
  19. IFR in experimental/homebuilt - new to homebuilt world
  20. Negotiating a Route with ATC
  21. equipment for IFR flight
  22. Passage of the Third Class Medical Reform Bill Comments
  23. Good Instrument Flying Books?
  24. What Would You Have Done?
  25. Winter Hard IFR
  26. Private IFR rating and Commercial IFR rating ?
  27. KTUS Aircraft Owners
  28. Prep for IPC
  29. Amending the Operating Limitations to IFR
  30. my annual Instrument Profenciency Check
  31. SE New England dual?
  32. experimental IFR GPS
  33. IFR/IMC flight with non-certified IFR equipment
  34. CMA IMC Club
  35. What certification is needed?
  36. Calendar Adjustment
  37. AVWeb Article on Special VFR Comments and Questions:
  38. IFR Practice Approach CTAF Communications
  39. IMC Club Scenarios