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  1. New Beginnings
  2. PPC and WSC Private Pilot Instruction Wanted.
  3. Sporty's Complete Flight Training Course
  4. Flare
  5. Civil air patrol
  6. Student's First Lesson
  7. Rod Machado's new sport pilot book is now out!
  8. Bi-Annual Checkride in MI
  9. 3rd class medical expiration question
  10. Build, then fly?
  11. Frustrated sport pilot student
  12. Best path?
  13. training in a home built aircraft?
  14. Rc flight simulators??????
  15. E-Flight Apprentice good first plane?
  16. Can you go straight to the Airlines, Or must Regional come first?
  17. Where do I start Sportys ground school?
  18. Accelerated primary training - good idea?
  19. Tips on Learning to Fly?
  20. Legally blind in one eye
  21. Any Helicopter Pilots out there?
  22. Zenith CH701 instructor
  23. Aviation video tutorial aerocasts.tv
  24. Too old to start?
  25. where is the best place to learn to fly ?
  26. Solo Flying Minimum Age?
  27. Time from Start to Airlines?
  28. Pretty good weekend
  29. Earning My Recreational License
  30. Typical Fees and hidden expenses
  31. Is Embry Riddle Worth It?
  32. 3rd class medical - drivers license comments
  33. New Cessna Skycatcher Sport Pilot Training
  34. Here's something you instructors might find useful... or not.
  35. Tailwheel endorsement
  36. New Flight School - Owasso, Oklahoma
  37. Non owner insurance
  38. Barrier to student pilot starts
  39. 17 with my training wings
  40. Finding the Money
  41. Trying to locate a CFI in my area?
  42. CFI checkout needed in Boise Idaho
  43. "SAFE" Master Flight Instructor Program
  44. Tailwheel Trainers
  45. Getting my Sport Pilot Certificate, Start to Finish
  46. Passing the written pilot test
  47. Looking for Sport Pilot Examiners - Weight Shift Trike Training - In Los Angeles Area
  48. cool flight simulater
  49. Earning PPL in a Light Sport Airplane ?
  50. A Basic Pilot Skill
  51. needing to learn about flight
  52. Young Eagle flying lessons Merit Booster
  53. The Third Test
  54. ACTUAL steps to Sport Pilot Certificate?
  55. Medical
  56. How Long To Solo?
  57. New to sport & looking for best method.
  58. Oskosh safe flight
  59. Tailwheel Endorsement
  60. Getting the most out of your flight training
  61. I want to learn to fly a powered parachute!
  62. Can a CFI-SP instruct with a C150?
  63. Bjs
  64. Flight Review Single/Multi
  65. experimental aircraft/ usefull load
  66. Do I need to Relearn how to fly?
  67. 3rd class medical denied ...
  68. Great free interactive lessons!
  69. Flight Training Advice?
  70. FAA TV..... Climb VIA....New Phraseology.
  71. Safety: EAA type accidents
  72. student pilot in OKC looking for an instructor.
  73. Loans to fly ... help!
  74. Renewing Medical. Will I need DUI Red Tape Again?
  75. Is learning to fly hard?
  76. Learning to fly Ultralights
  77. School Offering OVER "Eco-Flight: Safaris From the Sky" Crikey t aint DOYNJIRUSS Mate
  78. Bloomington, ILL instructors
  79. Trade work for private pilot lessons
  80. AZ CFI needs contacts or work
  81. Minnesota CFI
  82. Aviation scholarships and loans
  83. Pulse Oximeter Technology Use By Pilots To Prevent Hypoxia
  84. Getting your medical certificate
  85. Central IL Student SP looking for Instructor
  86. Presolo test needed?
  87. Not a good idea
  88. Offering flight lessons in a homebuilt?
  89. Devil talking
  90. A&P Mechanic looking to obtain my Private Pilot License
  91. Really Dumb FAA Move
  92. Greetings from Brisbane and my first question
  93. Getting Money to Complete My Flight Training
  94. Accelerated sport pilot flight training recomenditions
  95. Wheel Landings
  96. I Think It Is Time
  97. Harrison Ford scholarship
  98. Private Pilot Practical Test Prerequisites and Performance
  99. 90% Done, 50% to go...
  100. Private Pilot SEL and Amphibians
  101. Career Path to Airlines
  102. Any Harley Pilots?
  103. All most completly new to air plane and everything- Please Help!
  104. Can you print out an E6-B?
  105. Flight Lessons in Texoma?
  106. Free eBook - How To Be a Pilot
  107. Relaxing while learning how to land
  108. Flying Lessons at KFRG (Republic Airport/Farmingdale, NY)
  109. Sport Pilot Training center coming to Central IL
  110. Sport Pilot Training Needed in Montgomery, AL (and everywhere else...)
  111. The end goal Ė flying my own LSA amphib
  112. cross country troubles
  113. For "Pilotgirl" re Finding The Airport
  114. Flight school soon
  115. What's a guy to do? Can't find Sport Pilot training anywhere close
  116. Crash research
  117. Free Webinar: "Learning to Fly" - Wednesday, 10/16 at 7:00PM CDT
  118. I want to be a pilot. Any advice?
  119. Girls Learning To Flyue
  120. Living in China, would you get a PPL in the US or elsewhere?
  121. New Sport Pilot Questions
  122. 3rd Class Medical Cetificate(continuation)
  123. Schools of Thought on the Flight School
  124. Tower vs Uncontrolled Airport
  125. Stearman Instruction ?
  126. Exercising the most amount of privilages of the SP license
  127. Flight School Info Please
  128. How to fly into a control towered airport
  129. Accident recording
  130. Charts or iPads?
  131. Driving permits and aviation medicals
  132. Did my instrument check
  133. Getting Started Flying
  134. Questions on how to transition from Private Pilot to a Sport Pilot in a LSA
  135. Transition from airplane to weight shift control
  136. Test on Deciphering METARs and TAFs
  137. Flight Instructor Attitudes
  138. Tailwheel PPL near Pittsburgh?
  139. Free flight lessons 111111
  140. Learn to fly in N Central WV
  141. How long to solo?
  142. Wanted: Private pilot course
  143. Moving to US
  144. Tailwheel endorsement
  145. Looking For Sport Pilot Instructor Southern New Jersey
  146. Perfect landing
  147. Sleep Apnea and Third Class Medical
  148. Audiobook of Airplane Plane Flying Handbook (Free)
  150. Get training in my own LSA???
  151. Cross-country planning advice needed
  152. Daughter flying
  153. (Electric) rotary wing
  154. The Way We Learn
  155. Sport Flight Instructors
  156. E6-B Recommendation
  157. Zodiac 601xl-b
  158. Can You Solo In A Week?
  159. Student sports pilot to Airplane owner
  160. Ultralight Trike Training in the Twin Cities area
  161. New to the aviation world and the forum... ready to jump in and have questions!
  162. Sport Pilot
  163. Buying your own plane for training
  164. Dropping things from airplane
  165. Hi y'all, where do I start?
  166. She PASSED
  167. Soloed years ago, wanting to get back flying
  168. Flight planning using Class B airport as navaid?
  169. Student Pilot
  170. N registered Aircraft and pilot's license
  171. Free Flying Lessons
  172. Practice Tests
  173. Proposed Rules changes what does it mean for us Sport Pilots
  174. Amphibian hard surface landing
  175. Best way to prepare for sport pilot written test
  176. Miles - always nautical?
  177. Question about Class 3 Medical...
  178. Looking to Obtain the Sport Pilot Certificate
  179. A new certificate to learn.
  180. RV-10 as a trainer
  181. Sport Pilot Training
  182. Recommendations for immersion flight training
  183. Flight Training at Airizona Flying Circus 2017 Starts Today 2/9 thru Sunday 2/12
  184. Trying to Fly ~ Looking for you all to help guide me!
  185. Sport Pilot Flight Training in Airizona
  186. Are you looking for a location to rent a LSA (Sport Plane) or want to learn to fly
  187. Sport Pilot medical
  188. How hard Is it to get job after A & P class?
  189. why can't you lease a small plane?
  190. I heard felon cant work at an airpoort, even with A &P, how can this be true?
  191. New bulit A320 simulator took off in the early morning at PVG
  192. I'm too heavy to become a Sport Pilot- RATZ!
  193. Help me sir!
  194. How is EAA Actively promoting the Sport Pilot program
  195. Some questions about becoming a professional pilot
  196. EAA Sport Pilot Academy
  197. FAA Part 103.15 Congested areas?
  198. Seeking a Taylorcraft CFI in Puget Sound area
  199. Letís talk AWOS/ASOS, or the lack of it.....
  200. Sport Pilot Training Practical
  201. Pilot Health Reg Questions
  202. "Dry Run" a Class 3 Medical
  203. Legal Access to Local Airport - FAR Part 103 Flying
  204. Non flying solo flight training via a Penguin
  205. Training toward PPL but move to Sport Pilot now
  206. Asking for Contact Help
  207. Doubts to make an helicopter
  208. How long to solo for students
  209. Sport Pilot Training Near Sarnia?
  210. Learning to Fly by a complete novice
  211. Austin TX area flight Schools or EAA / USHGPA contacts.
  212. For Sale, Private Pilot Course and Commerical Pilot Course, Test Books
  213. New Year's Pilot Resolutions
  214. CFI needed for a Mustang II
  215. IFR
  216. 80 hour student. Noob to Simulators. Recommendations.
  217. gyrocopter flight training
  218. 2020 Sport Pilot Academy
  219. Hand Control for BONANZA A36
  220. Question about IFR requirements
  221. Looking for Cfi north west suburbs of chicago
  222. Question about practice tests on Sportys re: cross country section
  223. Experimental 51% Rule
  224. Medical Delay?
  225. Dilemma (sort of) about where to start in my quest for the air...
  226. Sport Pilot CFI
  227. Medical special issuance vs training, fallback plans if can't solo?
  228. Analytical, Imaginary and Real
  229. VANS Transition Training
  230. Wanting to learn to fly in my own bird
  231. Anyone have experience with Advanced International Aviation Academy in Sacramento, CA
  232. Mosaic and sport flying
  233. Best book for sport piloting
  234. ATP SE add-on / Chicago
  235. Nervous student pilot
  236. Flight Map
  237. SkyVector question
  238. Getting Started Again