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Thread: Initial Setup Settings/Libraries specific for Aircraft Design

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    Initial Setup Settings/Libraries specific for Aircraft Design

    Hi, When I was deciding to install SolidWorks via EAA I saw an EAA webpage that gave directions for recommended settings/Libraries etc. useful for airplane design. I have not been able to find that page again. I cannot remember if it was on the main site or in the forums..

    Can anyone direct me to that location again?

    Are there any other recommendations for setup/addons/libraries etc. for aircraft design?

    I am specifically interested in carbon fiber composite/glider style design capabilities.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi Patrick,

    I'm guessing you're looking for libraries of non-isotropic materials?
    I'll be happy if I'm wrong but I suspect you'll have difficulty finding such a "library", because non-isotropic materials are by definition very application specific - you (the user) need to define a myriad of parameters - layer thickness, layer material/properties, fiber direction, number of layers, fiber/matrix ratio, etc.
    Also, such composites are not specific to aircraft design. I don't remember seeing such a library in SW.
    So, sorry to be the party pooper - If you do succeed in finding such a library, please post a link so we can all join in the fun.


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    There was a webpage with initial setup reccomendations for general aircraft somewhere though. I think it had airfoils and some other downloadable parts and examples on the list. I just can't find it anymore.

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