Gearing up for Airventure 2021, I'm already excited and thinking back on years past. One of the fond memories I have was from the first Fly-In I attended back in 1994. I was 13 years old and went with my mom and dad. We only went for one day which was the norm until I was much older. Back then if I remember correctly, you could only get into the flight line if you were an EAA member, a mechanic or a pilot. I had just started some flight training so I brought my logbook for me and my family to gain access to the flight line, sure enough it worked! We made sure to go on the day Concorde arrived, which it did albeit several hours late, I remember it coming in an well after the afternoon air show, but boy was it worth the wait. A random attendee recommended that we stick around to watch it takeoff later that evening as the afterburners would be spectacular. It was going to give a ride to folks willing to pay for an expensive joy ride. So we stayed and watched it depart with all of the noise and fire blasting out of the engines, so cool for a 13 year old, and frankly, everyone. The main part of this longwinded post is remembering a place we stopped at on the way out of the convention to grab a late bite to eat, I'm almost positive its gone now I'm looking for anyone who can help me figure out where/what this place was. From what I remember it was just outside the flight line near where the old control tower was, it was a white house or barn maybe, that had a little outdoor food and drink stand. It wasn't the place with the 'beer' balloon I'm sure of that. It wasn't too far from the grounds because I can remember hearing the Concorde land after it came back from giving that ride while we ate. Sorry for the lack of details it's been so long, just trying to remember better a good time with my parents. Any hints or even better photos would be great! It would be cool if there was some sort of historical maps or a photo library showing what the convention was like many years ago and how it keeps changing. Thanks for reading!