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Thread: Mid-Week Scholler Arrival Feasibility

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    Question Mid-Week Scholler Arrival Feasibility

    First time bringing the family to Oshkosh this year but we wonít be able to drive in until Wednesday afternoon. What is the feasibility of finding a tent camping spot at Scholler at that point in the week? Trying to decide if itís a safe enough bet or if we should just look for something more certain. Thanks!

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    I don't think you will have a problem, especially if camping in a tent and not a big RV. Usually some people start to leave around mid-week. You may have to search around to find anything that is not father out, but I expect you will be able to find a spot.

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    This year will be a big GUESS as to how things will go. Lots of pent up travel energy. It could be a nightmare with record numbers. Was at AV19 and waited until Tuesday to arrive as was suggested/requested as the mud was pretty bad and standing water lasted all week in spots. We ended WAY out in Scholler. unmarked spaces with later arrivals jamming in anywhere. The new camping areas were open but unmarked and no one directed. It would not have helped as the walk to the gate was really long and busses were insufficient for the heavy commute times. (AM/PM) . We wish everyone patience and a smile.

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    Most years it's not a problem. If you get a rainy year, there can be problems finding spaces, though tent camping is less problematic than dragging in a heavy RV.

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    You generally see a clearing out of spots closer to the grounds on Thursday morning, after the Wednesday night airshow and fireworks. If you show up on Wednesday, you will be camping closer to Hwy 41. Depending on your setup size, you can always pull up stakes Thursday morning and move closer.

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    Thanks all for the good advice! Sounds like there is a fairly solid chance to get a spot but be prepared to walk a good bit to get to the gates.

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