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Thread: Electric Nieuport?

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    Fitting Graham Lee datasheet with rotax 503 numbers gives you a CD0=0.07 (parasitic and interference
    drag of whole aircraft). It gives a L/D ratio of 7 (with induced drag K=0.0725), so I trust you that
    deadstick landing must be quite "hot".

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    Not really; 32 miles an hour (stall) horizontal speed and zero descent, according to the CloudAhoy data.

    It was the spinning fall out of the damned 55 foot tall tree that did the damage.
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    Thanks, folks. A great discussion with some good information there. Sounds like the Graham Lee Nieuport may not be ideal for electric power....but who knows in a few years. Rwanttaga, funny you should mention the Fly Baby. I've been holding a set of Fly Baby plans for even longer than I've had the plans for the Nieuport, since the 70's. I should add, thanks for joining our chapter (EAA 1129 in Fairbanks AK) on zoom a while back. That was a lot of fun. Actually, all things considered, neither the Nieuport or Fly Baby would be great projects for me, as my wife wouldn't be too keen on me disappearing into the workshop every night to work on a single place plane. I wonder how a Murphy Renegade would work with electric power. I think that's a really nice looking little biplane and seems like the longer nose might be an asset for finding a place to put batteries.

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