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    Mild color blindness

    Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – Review

    People are getting more and more busy, so home appliances need to be more compact and easier to use, and handheld vacuum cleaners are a product that meets that trend. But how to find the best products? This article features some good products on the market based on many best product reviews.

    1. FENGSHUAI Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

    According to the best of products on The King Live, the best handheld vacuum cleaner in 2019 was the FENGSHUAI vacuum cleaner. Although this product is a handheld vacuum, it is equipped with a 120W, large motor, with high “air tightness” and turbine cyclone, allowing it to suck up any particles in your home, even the smallest ones such as dust, dirt, pollen and pet hair. Like other handheld vacuums, the FENGSHUAI vacuum cleaner has a compact and convenient design for one-hand holding and can clean even the most hard-to-reach places.

    Spills in the kitchen are quite common, but to clean these puddles is not easy. Let FENGSHUAI help you. It can not only suck up dry particles, but also absorbs water stains, juice, and other liquids. While other handheld cleaners only focus to make a compact and convenient product and forget the filtration system, FENGSHUAI has a multiple filtration system, allow it to separate dust and dust. With this filtration system, you don’t need to worry about particles entering the machine and damaging the motor.

    Besides high performance, the FENGSHUAI cleaner is also very easy to clean and dissemble. Its filter can be cleaned by water and re-used without any negative influence on the filtration quality and the suction power.

    2. MQW Portable Vacuum Cleaner

    In many reviews of Best Reviews Guide, the MQW portable vacuum cleaner is a familiar name. The first reason that makes MQW becoming a bestseller in The Top Best Product is its suction power. This machine is equipped with a 120W motor, a vacuum of 6500 kpa and a speed of 6000 RPM, it can be the strongest vacuum on the market. With this suction power, all dust, dirt, pollen, pet hair will be picked up.

    Besides, it also has a huge capacity battery, allowing it to work at least four hours. Like other portable vacuum cleaners, the MQW vacuum cleaner is small and compact, with the dimensions of 17.7” x 5.9” x 5.9 “and its weight is 3.31 pounds. You can use it with just one hand without any difficulty.

    One interesting thing is this vacuum model uses a USB wireless charge. This means, instead of having to fully charge the battery with a charger before use, you can both charge and vacuum with just one power bank. Although the MQW vacuum has an extremely powerful motor, the manufacturer has designed a noise reduction bass system, so you can enjoy the cleaning anytime and anywhere without fear of disturbing others.

    Especially, the MQW cleaner is the first model using a washable HEPA filter. The HEPA filter increases the cleaning ability, and you can re-use many times before replacing the new filter, this feature will save a lot of money for you.

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    Hopefully, you have found some satisfying products from this article. Cleaning your house will be easier than ever with a portable vacuum cleaner.
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    Hard to say based on your description. Air Traffic Control Specialists require a Second Class medical certificate. As you'll see here, the requirement for color vision states, "(c) Ability to perceive those colors necessary for the safe performance of airman duties." Generally, that means the ability to identify red, green and white.

    There's more information in the Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners, here. You may be able to figure out if you'll meet the FAA standard by finding a local eye doctor who has one of the testing devices approved by the FAA. If you pass in their office, you'll have a good idea what to expect when you test for an FAA doc.
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    I have mild defective color vision. I took a FAA practical test with an FAA examiner looking at the control tower lights and passed. Was issued a defective color vision waiver.
    They might use the Farnsworth lantern test.

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    Find an AME that knows what they are doing. One with ancient faded plates and crappy fluorescent lighting in their office isn't going to help you. One with multiple (allowed) sets of plates in good condition and well illuminated natural light can greatly help the matter.

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