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Thread: Wing attachment brackets. Schreder hp-13

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    Wing attachment brackets. Schreder hp-13

    I recently purchased a Schreder Hp-13 glider. During the inspection the A&p pointed out that the gap between the wing attachment brackets and the fuselage brackets is not ideal. This thing was built in the 70's and I don't have plans. I attached images of what is going on. The top image is like an overview. The second is showing the gaps. The 3rd one is what you would think it should be like. The gaps are like and 1/8 inch. There are 4 fittings like this attaching the main spar to the fuselage. What do you guys think?
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    I think posting actual photos of the attach points would be useful; the lower cad image IS what it should be.
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    Aw, just throw some washers in there.


    On a serious note, is the maker of the plans still around, or a build/owner group in existence?
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