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Thread: Are we ready for a GPS failure ?

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    I’m a bit of an outlier here as all of my x/c flying, which is akin to about 80-90% of the flying I do, is IFR. For IFR, IMO, GPS is a game changer for both Enroute and Approaches. That said I do have VOR/LOC/GS capability in my plane and occasionally practice using it as well as keep up with the VOR log. I also won’t launch IFR without at least one functional Nav radio if there’s a NOTAM’d GPS outage, or potential outage, along the route. That’s happened to me on more than one occasion although I have never lost the GPS.
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    GPS ? Yeah here I go again giving up my patent-able ideas for free. I really thought with all the talk for the last 50 plus years about redundancy in the airplane world, that a GPS like system hasn't been developed that uses the existing aviation nav aids that have been with us since before my flying days in the mid 70's. Yes retain the normal GPS system, but have this one I speak of as a redundant use and cross reference reliability check for both systems. All should be tied into synthetic vision that is also redundantly tied to millimeter radar, and infrared. In this day and age there is no excuse for flying into something (other than a major on board electrical failure), or getting lost is zero viability fog, and low clouds.

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