My plan; Fly from South Carolina to Oshkosh and into Airventure. I feel comfortable making the almost 1000 mi. trip alone in my Cessna 150, and as I explained to my wife, it's just a bunch of short cross country trips ! I may follow a couple of friends to the 150/152 flyin in Iowa first and then pick up my 2nd and 3rd eyes over in Watertown, Wi. or some other uncontroled field. My 2nd and 3rd eyes consist of a good friend who's a CFI, instrument and all that good stuff. I have never flown into Airventure before so I know I'm going to need some help, and this is what I think may be the case. I think, since A/V wasn't held last year, there will be a bumper crop of people flying in this year and it may be busier than ever and one eye just ain't gonna cut it !!! I would like to have opinions from the group, if y'all don't mind, and I know you can't count on opinions, but at least I can take them under consideration and plan accordingly. Any comments, recomendations and smart remarks are all welcome.