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Thread: NOTAM'S UP, Who came up with this drivel?

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    I haven't read the NOTAM but it should be no sweat. You guys do all have ADS-B...right?

    I'll be social distancing and watching the event on flight aware. Much safer than flying in formation with folks who don't know they're flying in formation

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    "The procedure starts by using one of the ATC designated Transitions to Ripon, WI"

    "Begin the procedure at the ATC designated Transition starting point. ATC will advertise the transition starting point on the Arrival ATIS however real time changes may be made on FISK Approach Frequency."

    That seems pretty clear that you start at a transition point to get to Ripon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auburntsts View Post
    As you know, it’s crap like this that has driven me to opt for the IFR arrival to avoid all of the nonsense.
    I always opt for an IFR slot myself, but I do it so I know that I can get in. As you know, if the weather is better than 4500 and 5, you are supposed to cancel IFR and execute the VFR approach. That said, in most of my AirVenture arrivals, the weather was VMC but with broken ceiling less than 4500, so I got to fly the approach, at least to the point of entering the pattern. Only once was it a true instrument approach in real IFR conditions.
    Chris Mayer

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