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Thread: Thread Sealant on Oil Hoses

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    Thread Sealant on Oil Hoses

    While we all know that Teflon tape can get into the engine and block oil passages, I have been told that Teflon paste is not a problem. Can anyone confirm that this stuff:

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    is acceptable for use on an oil pressure fitting going into the accessory case?

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    It looks like a pretty standard pipe thread dope, so should be acceptable on pipe threads.

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    Are you asking about thread sealant on the tapered pipe fittings or the flared nuts on the oil hoses? The flared nuts that are at the end of the oil hoses themselves should not get any sealant of any kind. Your subject line is not clear.

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    The pipe fitting inserted into the engine oil pressure port. 43.13 says no tape on those types of fitting and I've heard of failures cause by sealant ending up in the oil and blocking an oil gallery. I have been told that if a bit of the above type of thread sealant makes it into the oil it breaks down and cannot block any orifices. I'm trying to confirm that this is true.

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