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Thread: Sport pilot phase 1 for LSA compliant E-AB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airmutt View Post
    To be honest I got sidetracked by your comment about your student pilot friend who flew off a Phase I in a Sonerai but personally I would say a Sport Pilot flying off a Phase I would be solely dependent on his experience and skill level. For example, if he was say 100-150 hr SP and had no spin training I would say not only no but hell no.
    But this would also apply to ANYONE flight testing ANY new aircraft of ANY kind!
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    Over a 10-year period (2009-2018) inflight loss of control – mainly stalls – accounted for the largest number of GA fatal accidents. After engine failures what is the second largest cause of accidents in the EAB world - loss of control. There is nothing magic about accumulating 100 or 200 hours post check ride that prepares one for testing an aircraft. After spending 33 years in the flight test business I witnessed even the most experienced test pilots get tripped up when things didn’t go as planned. The difference is they are trained to recognize and recover where the amateur pilot is not. The pilot assist program is great especially in the RV, Zenith and Sonex world. I would guess it’s effectiveness falls off pretty quickly for other designs.
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