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Thread: Solidworks cam

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    Solidworks cam

    I down loaded Solidworks , successfully but the CAM add in wasn't there. I went back to the down load site to load CAM but it told me that the serial number wasn't valid.
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    Try going to options (gear at the top), Add-ins, maximize SolidWorks Add-ins, SOLIDWORKS CAM 2020 click the box on the left to run in this instance clack box on right to have it run during start up.

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    I open the add ins and CAM is not there, but the licenses show it active ? Name:  solidworks active add ins.jpg
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Size:  14.7 KBName:  solidworks lic.jpg
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Size:  18.8 KB Any other places it could be? Thanks Scott

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    There was two licenses you should have entered when you installed. The edu and electrical did you register both? If you did I'd recommend full uninstall and reinstall.

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    Scott, please do not request serial numbers over public forums. It can negatively affect our relationship with DS SolidWorks. When you install SOLIDWORKS, you only need to enter the CAD serial in the "3D DesignSOLIDWORKS" field (click to [+] to display the fields) and the PCB serial number in the "Electrical Design / PCB". All of the other modules you are entitled to will install with those serial numbers. One note, PCB is for circuit board design. If you don't plan on doing that design, you can leave it blank. You should still get what you need for Electrical Design to do wiring. Please make sure that you overwrite the CAD serial number and remove the CAM serial number if you did not do a clean uninstall of 2018-19.

    Also, you do not need to uninstall SOLIDWORKS to add CAM. Here are instructions:
    1) Go to Add or Remove in the Windows Control Panel
    2) Search for SOLIDWORKS, click on it, and click the Modify button (ignore the "Windows... reboot" message and click OK).
    3) Select "Modify Your Installation" and click Next
    4) Make sure serial numbers are only in the "
    3D DesignSOLIDWORKS" and "PCB" fields (assuming you want PCB)
    5) Make sure SOLIDWORKS CAM is checked on the next screen and it should install

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