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Thread: AVWeb Article on Special VFR Comments and Questions:

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    AVWeb Article on Special VFR Comments and Questions:

    AVWeb Article on Special VFR Comments and Questions:

    Good article but for me it created more questions than answers. I would like to speak with the author (and other CFIs) of the AV Web February 18, 2021 article by Paul Berge entitled "What’s So Special About Special VFR?"

    I am open to suggestions as to forums for the discussion but will suggest the EAA Forum EAA IMC Club ( although I doubt it is ideal because of limited activity and other issues.

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    No one has posted so I will offer the observation that most of the article is aimed at instrument rated pilots, which is probably good. The part about Special VFR emphasizes that it is best done by pilots familiar with the local area and its hazards. I will suggest that is good advice most of the time but there are a number of situations that I have run into where a stranger can safety use Special VFR to arrive or depart. If conditions are very stable, or are demonstrably improving, and better weather is nearby, Special VFR is a good tool to get in or out of an airport. The marine layer example cited in the article is one example. If you know that it is clear and blue 10 miles inland and you get a big enough opening over the airport that would allow you to circle to be above the low layer before turning on course, it makes sense to ask the tower whether they can accommodate a Special VFR departure. I have done that. Tower may decline if they have IFR traffic inbound or outbound. They can not accept IFR traffic if you launch and have not yet departed their airspace. So you can ask and they can say yes or no.

    Another situation is where the airport is under the edge of a cloud layer with an 800' ceiling but great visibility and you are in good VFR 10 miles out. If you can see the airport and won't get into trouble flying over downtown at that altitude, it makes sense to request Special VFR.

    This all supposes that your airplane is healthy and Mother Nature has created a situation where you can stay clear of clouds. Mostly we are talking about good visibility to where you need to go.

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