Hey all.
I am building a single-east, wood-and-fabric plane. I joined the EAA in search of some support and expertise. Unfortunately, my chapter is pretty much a Van's Air Force Booster Club.

I have no dislike for a Van's. They are, by most measures, excellent aircraft. They are not, however the only plane. So far, in fact, I have worked on planes ranging from J-3 Cubs to 777-200's, and haven't met many planes I don't like. Although I have preferences for configuration and materials, I look at every plane as a pretty amazing creation. I would love to discuss Bearhawks, GlaStars, Murphy's, Rans, Zeniths, Kitfoxes, ELSA's, Part 103, etc... without always having to compare them to the RV series and defend them as a viable aircraft choice.

So, does anyone have any suggestions for guiding my chapter towards being more open and welcoming to those who chose the EAB path less taken?