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Thread: Marriage and the airplane builder

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    Name:  Clark Airport tractor small 007.jpg
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Size:  29.2 KB This is something that maybe needs a disclosure because it is from a company in Michigan. My ancestors were from near Benton Harbor before 1915. I looked in old census and found someone who seemed to be my great grandfather as a teenager working as a blacksmith. My sister who used and family records from New York on my mother's side was not interested.

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    Was it all a terrible mistake. Would the destructive mechanical mems and half totalled cars stop me from learning to fly, (Yes) Would she with her youngest sons help completely show me up in the aviation community? After going to Amsterdam with both sons she ended up in Florida as they began their adult lives in Denver doing network installations for USWest. She met a couple and became a chief sales person for a demo team putting "tomatoes on the vine" into grocery stores. My son made posters that showed an airplane and the motto "flown fresh." The new Denver airport became one end of a logistics link that began in London and utilized either United Airlines 767's or chartered Martin Air Charter (MAC) MD-11's from Amsterdam. So she could thrive. Just as she had with the tennis rackets and later with custom assembled skate boards for my two sons which she first destroyed or gave away and replaced with a single wide, bigger board branded "Alvin." This time there was a booby prize, a broken plastic narrow board on roller skate steel wheels that had belonged to my niece. The airlift thrived until Mexican and Canadian competitors also brought hot house tomatoes. Next for her was raspberries from Florida and an attempt at olives in barrels from Spain.

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    Her final act of contempt was kicking the curb at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport, falling down with a broken toe and being discovered to have a head injury from the fall. The broken toe was her undoing according to my son who she had been living with. She never made it to a friend in North Carolina to avoid my sister and I as we visited my son in Florida. MRSA took her life after the toe was amputated.

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