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Is the COVID-19 vaccine effective in protecting the people who get the vaccination or not? If those who get the vaccination are protected after the appropriate time following the second vaccination, then there should not be a great risk for you from those who may be carrying the virus. After all, the vaccination is to protect the receiver of it. If that is the case then those who get the vaccination should feel relatively safe. Those who don't are at risk.
You're absolutely right. The vaccine mostly protects you from having moderate or worse symptoms. It isn't certain that it prevents you from contacting the disease or being a carrier.

Which means you *might* still be a transmission vector to the unvaccinated. And there will be several flavors of unvaccinated. The "not gonna" crowd plus some people who will be excluded for various reasons (age, potential for negative reactions, whatever).

So there is likely to be a push for some time after mass vaccinations to mask and distance. I get it, but yuck.