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Thread: Oshkosh 2021?

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    I'm not used to landing on grass. This video shows the SATS that with the P-408 version of the J-52 turbojet allowed to remain in inventory as the A-7E with the TF-41 turbofan and ILAAS weapon delivery system needed me to do one more thing.

    I had to show the payload moved from this metal runway and it's effectiveness provided by a new avionics system, replacing the LABS in an A-4M exceeded that for the newer A-7. The engineer from North American Aircraft's Autonetics Division dropped out after gathering the data and assembling concepts for competing Options. Later the requirement for this system was mutually combined with that for the AV-8A "Harrier" Angle Rate Bombing System or ARBS. Yes, I worked on that other system which also needed to land on grass and got fiberglass pads.

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    My situation with respect to attending Oshkosh in person this year is not having a routine way to arrive and secure lodging. I have not owned or driven an automobile or held a driver's license since 1987. To get to the Harley-Davidson museum after I retired I took Amtrak from Birmingham, Michigan and stayed in the Iron Horse Hotel nearby in Milwaukee where I could walk over every day. To get to the "Tail Hook" celebration in Reno, I flew commercial Air connecting at Phoenix from Detroit and stayed at the conference hotel using the courtesy shuttle both ways.

    Now I am in Austin, Texas. I need to have enough funds to charter a jet! Then where would I stay?

    Well, you could get your drivers license, fly to a town/city and rent a car, van or camper, (although, it may be hard to find anything as AirVenture nears) and drive the rest of the way. And, if you did rent a car/van, you could bring camping gear and set up in Camp Scholler. It's roughly 1268 mi. from Austin to Oshkosh, 20 hrs driving, it could be done in 2 days, or, switching off with another driver, you could make it in one and two thirds days. I have driven the 976 mi. from S.C. to Oshkosh twice, first time we stopped south of Chicago and had about a 3 & 1/2 hr. drive the next day. the second time, when I arrived at the place where we had stopped on the first trip, it was only 5:30 pm so we decided to go past Chicago and stop for the night. BIG MISTAKE !!! Couldn't find a motel room anywhere, so we continued driving and arrived at A/V at 9:30 pm. with a pop up camper. A little over 19 hrs. on the road, it's raining, dark, and about 300 yards from check in, we are stuck in the mud. They said they would help us out the next morning, which they did, but we had to sleep in the truck after all that driving and the back seat was fill and we couldn't let the seats go back. A kinda fun memory now, but that first night there really sucked. But I ain't skered, I'm a goin' back this year and I hopes to be flyin' in!

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    "Now I am in Austin, Texas. I need to have enough funds to charter a jet! Then where would I stay? I don't think my sister is willing to do a whole week, which I would prefer. Taking AMTRAK staying in Chicago and taking the hourly train to Milwaukee and back each day leaves me needing to rent a bicycle to get to Oshkosh and the grounds and everyone would think it was public and take off with it whenever I left it unattended."

    Oshkosh is about 88 miles north of Milwaukee. Might be a one daily bus.
    No easy way to get to Airventure. Not much help on EAA website.

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    I looked for something on the arresting gear that went with SATS and also used the term landing in a search and got the whole story on Chu Lai which is almost all at the Westmoreland level and General Carl with McNamara. and it's in May 1965 when I just graduated from University of Michigan and headed West in my Chevrolet powered 1948 Ford to land on all the cool engineering company's lobbys and get immediate or delayed interviews based on the Student Affairs listing of research organizations by state and region.

    So I understand driving night and day and sleeping a few winks with seat backs that were blocked by stuff on the floor and back seat. I did remove the cotter pin on the passenger seat so I could go Nash Rambler full recline with it with stuff on the floor for a foot rest. There is a full history of Chu Lai made by Ohio State but my uncle was a history professor at Ohio Wesleyan and my USMC uncle is where I landed in Canoga Park, California with tail lights blinking on the freeway from hot mufflers after the rerouting when the second y header and outside drag pipe was fabricated like on a Continental Mark II. U.S. Marines in Vietnam: The Landing and the Buildup, 1965 | eHISTORY (

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    Happy Compromised Freedom

    Ties into Andersonville and the POW museum there in Georgia and not so much to Marion, New York and the Confederate POW facility there during the Civil War-- jump to some golden tablets discovered nearby and then to a Honda 600 and a detective in a light blue suit and a neighbor just converted to Latter Day Saints. The Advanced Design (Advance Design after 1973) Chief engineer said, "Here is the contact for the new head of Survivability of the NAVY. He was a prisoner of war so nobody but you wants to meet him." I found him in the ASW building in Arlington next to the Housing and Urban Development Headquarters where busses had broken up the beautiful slate circular driveway. Later in 1983 when I said to my new friends, outdoors,"I can't hide it! and later in a room, "notice how the land falls away in 4 directions from where I am standing." So much for a career in STEALTH. My path led through the CRUISE.

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    Perhaps I can build on this Expedia listing AUS to OSH flights ( or try Orbitz which I used to get to Heathrow. The date is dummy. Still a ways to go. My taxi experience is pre Uber.

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    Try calling Lamars and see if they will be running shuttles from MKE to OSH during the show.
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    there are commercial flights to Appleton (ATW). You would have to change planes somewhere between AUS and ATW. There are shuttles between ATW and OSH AirVenture. You could also make a reservation for lodging at university of WI, OSH. Ther are daily bus runs from campus to airventure.
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    Lodging is where I am and these nearer places look better than what I was at yesterday at Green Bay and a bus. For taking the bus once, maybe, including getting back at night-- but I am not as "in" at EAA as I am with jets. I think I need the weekly ticket which I have printed out to hold the dates (7/26-8/1). Right now my delay is to my second vaccination and surety I don't get quarantined. That window opens on the 28th of March. Your information is much appreciated. I looked at Fond Du Lac but did not see the air connection there. The EAA was mentioned there.

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