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Thread: Oshkosh 2021?

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    Thanks Jeff. You are probably correct about that. I know around here in MN they took some preventative measures similar to that in restaurants and activity-based locations when H1N1 was raging. They did cancel some of our kids activities for about a week and school attendance would get to just 7-8 students in class when it would sweep through an area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmckinney View Post
    Not going to get into your fatality number as that is suspect based on reporting, but that is not the point.
    It's exactly the point. Reactions should be based on lethality, not on mere contagion rate. I'd expect organizations to react differently to green-arm cooties with a near-zero rate of deaths that a pandemic that has killed one out of a thousand Americans.

    Basically the same CDC providing the statistics on H1N1 as is providing the same data on COVID. If the death rate for COVID has been inflated by a factor of four, it's STILL killed almost ten times as many people in a year that H1N1 did.

    Ron Wanttaja

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