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Thread: Hangars or Covered Tie-Down in the San Francisco Bay Area?

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    Hangars or Covered Tie-Down in the San Francisco Bay Area?

    Hi Folks,

    I'm considering buying a RANS S-12, and I think it's probably a really bad idea to keep it outside in sun-exposed tie downs. But, living in the SF Bay Area, all of the airports within about 60 miles have waiting lists for any sort of covered parking. Does anyone in the area know of any options that might be available? Any thoughts would be appreciated!

    Jonathan Q
    Fremont, CA

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    But seriously, if it has undoped sailcloth covering then yes, keeping it outside is a real bad idea. The later RANS's were doped, I believe, which isn't quite as bad. A better choice in that class might be a foldable plane like a Kolb, which could be stored in an enclosed trailer, still at the airport. That's what I did when I had my Kolb. With a folding plane, you might also find somebody willing to share their hangar for a portion of the rent.
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    Call Amy at Hayward and get your name down for a standard T hangar, she may also know if there are any hangar shares available. It may come up sooner than you think.

    Another option is to get a set of covers from Bruce's. It's only the cost of a few month's hangarage to get a full set of fuselage and wing covers.

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