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Thread: Can't download new version of Solidworks

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    Can't download new version of Solidworks

    I uninstalled 2019 Solidworks but when I try to download the new version I get the following error message:

    The source folder is not versioned properly: C:\Users\Peter Anson\Downloads. If you copied this folder manually, you may have forgotten to copy the or files which identify the version of a download or DVD folder, respectively; or the file could not be written

    It looks to me like there is something hanging around from the old version that is preventing me from downloading but I don't speak computereez so don't really know what this means. I did have an earlier error message about an older version of Toolbox so tried deleting that folder so now I arrive at the new error message.

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    Uninstalling and reinstalling should fix that problem although it may take a couple tries.

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