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Thread: News from the FAA

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    News from the FAA

    I was really hoping that we would hear updates on MOSIAC from the FAA at AirVenture this year. But we didn't have AirVenture and there was, as far as I know, nothing from the FAA on this topic. Has anyone heard any whispers or gossip or scuttlebutt from the Feds on this? The administrator said it was a matter of when and not if this would be approved. Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks.

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    Saw something recently but can’t recall. I *think* it was in one of the columns in Sport Aviation where they discuss what’s being done on our behalf. Didn’t say much except that MOSAIC is being worked very hard by FAA and a NPRM should be out soon. I think it was the august edition. But I may be wrong.

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