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Thread: SolidCAM, HSMWorks or MasterCAM?

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    SolidCAM, HSMWorks or MasterCAM?

    Which do you prefer? I learned off MasterCAM in college then discovered HSM and now I'm stumbling through SolidCam. I find that HSM is the most user friendly lots of options includes up to 5 axis and has a machine simulation setting. MasterCAM is great I've designed molds on it and complex parts with high detail. Then there is SolidCAM... It's the most unorganized CAM program I've had to deal with. I suppose it will work for simple pocketing but it fell on it's face when I tried to create a box with a sphere in the center as a stress test. Maybe it will get easier as I practice but I was able to machine 5 axis parts in under two days with HSM so I assumed the direct competitor would be at about the same quality but seems I was mistaken. My professor warned me about SolidCAM years ago I didn't think it would be as bad as it is. Maybe I'm just spoiled by learning off a more complex program first. What do you guys think? Have any experience outside of SolidCAM or positive experience with it?

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    Thank you for the thoughts. As a CAM novice, I wish more people would offer their opinions like this.
    I have been importing SW models into Fusion 360, which is pretty straight forward to me, but I would
    like to experiment with others. The process in F360 is pretty linear; the others I have tried are SO convoluted
    it makes it a challenge to even find out what secret steps you have to take.

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    No HSM on this workstation. What took Solid Cam 3 toolpaths, multiple tools, re adjusting the wizard and toolpath order to recreate what I could do in MasterCAM in one with only a 1/4 endmill. This was with having pause on any collisions. Both only 3 axis.
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