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Thread: seat track source

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Switzer View Post
    Be aware that the rivet holes in Cessna seat rails were not drilled to an exact pattern until sometime after 1975 (the newest "old" Cessna I have worked on). I replaced the seat rails on both a 73 182 & a 75 172, we had to drill out the rivets & slice the bottom of the old rail off & grind it flat to use as a pattern to drill holes that matched the holes in the floor. Predrilled rails & undrilled rails are both available from Cessna for this reason. Replacing a few of the rivets took 3 people & at least one of them needed to have small hands.
    This is like me putting my Navion back together after repairs. I'm trying to get the holes in the floor to line up and while it went perfectly on the left (pilot's seat) side, the holes just weren't there on the right side. It was a kind of a duh moment. I knew we had replaced the right wing but it didn't occur to me that the thing I was looking at for the holes was actually the top of the wing. Hand me up a drill so I can make the holes, guys...

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    Hahahaha....that's not an unusual forehead slap, Ron.
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