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Thread: RIP Jack Bally

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    RIP Jack Bally

    The Bally Bomber was an amazing creation and a true life's work. Deepest sympathies to his family on his passing this weekend. Met him at AirVenture and he sure seemed like one of the good guys.

    I received this email a little while ago -

    "This is a message from David Bally at EAA Forums ( ). The EAA Forums owners cannot accept any responsibility for the contents of the email.

    This is the message:

    I am David Bally, Jack Bally was my uncle. I am an EAA member and have seen your post on the Bomber. Jack Bally had a heart attack over the weekend and has passed."
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    Death comes to us all eventually. May he rest in peace, and I'm happy that he got the opportunity to achieve such a wonderful thing while he was here -- and enjoy it for a while once he did. Condolences to his family and friends.
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    Tailwinds Jack. He was a great guy and embodied the EAA spirit.

    God Bless

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