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Thread: In one sentence describe the single most beneficial aspect ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lnuss View Post
    Until my best friend died (a real world pilot/instructor), it was a way for us to get together and chat*, as well as explore the continent (occasionally the world) while connected via multiplayer, and to enjoy a semblance of flying. Health had grounded both of us, and he was in Dallas and I'm in Denver.

    * We used free software called mumble:
    Great to hear that side of Flight Simulation!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CHICAGORANDY View Post
    I'm given to understand that airplane ownership or rental and a Sport or Full pilot's license has been known to cost just a 'wee' bit more than that - LOL
    Have you ever considered flying an ultralight, or powered paragliding? Both are heaps of fun and much cheaper than traditional airplane ownership.
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