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Thread: In one sentence describe the single most beneficial aspect ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lnuss View Post
    Until my best friend died (a real world pilot/instructor), it was a way for us to get together and chat*, as well as explore the continent (occasionally the world) while connected via multiplayer, and to enjoy a semblance of flying. Health had grounded both of us, and he was in Dallas and I'm in Denver.

    * We used free software called mumble:
    Great to hear that side of Flight Simulation!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CHICAGORANDY View Post
    I'm given to understand that airplane ownership or rental and a Sport or Full pilot's license has been known to cost just a 'wee' bit more than that - LOL
    Have you ever considered flying an ultralight, or powered paragliding? Both are heaps of fun and much cheaper than traditional airplane ownership.
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    As someone walked up behind me and said about two years after I began work at Douglas Aircraft. "See What I Mean?"

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    I am going to amend and revise my previous post. For me as a pilot, my original comment stands. But, I have a different comment as a flight instructor, based on out chapter's flight simulator set up. (Long intro for one sentence.)

    To introduce Young Eagles and rusty pilots to the fundamentals of flight and the interaction of flight controls -- before getting into the plane.
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