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    biplane id

    This is probably an easy one for you guys. Is this a DH.60 Moth? Or something else?

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    I'm no DH expert, but I'd agree with your DH.60 identification. I'd go out on a limb and guess Cirrus Moth vs. Gipsy, just from the amount of engine showing atop the cowling.

    Ron Wanttaja

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    Looks like one, but the negative must have been flipped as the prop turns the wrong direction.
    Edit, I did find a few photos where the prop turns the American direction, must be a different engine.
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    Photo is the right way round. Taken in western Canada.

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    I got curious and looked at a few photo's of Cirrus Moth's. It would appear that the Cirrus engine turns Clockwise as the photo shows. Name:  220px-CirrusIII.jpg
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    I'm no expert on DH Moths and their engines but I would say that depending on the engine in the plane, the prop turned both directions.
    I can find multiple images of the prop turning both ways.

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