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Thread: SolidWorks Install Fails

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    SolidWorks Install Fails

    Regardless as to what I do, SolidWorks 2020 and or 2019 refuses to load.
    I keep getting the following error message.

    C:\User\Name|Documents\SolidWorks Downloads\SolidWorks 2020 SP02\PreReqs\VC Redist9\vcredist_64.exe"/q did not install successfully

    And be Advised,on Windows 10 the Latest Update to Microsoft Power Toys will Wipe your Entire Windows 10 Startup Files and that of SolidWorks.

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    I also had an error during installation, but only for the electrical package. I did not write down the error, but I went back and did a repair operation and it seemed to succeed, but now when I run the electrical module I get an error that it can’t connect to the SQL database and it tells me to check my license key. I have watched a number of youtube videos on SQL errors, but most are related to the 2019 release and are installation related rather than the SQL database connect error I am seeing with the 2020 release. I assumed SolidWorks would be a little more, um, solid. It seems fairly fragile compared to other packages I have used. I will probably go back to Sketchup or maybe try the simpler eMachineShop program which looks like it will be more than adequate for doing my panel layout and simple 2D electrical schematics. Given all of the youtube videos on installation issues with SolidWorks, it appears their installation process has been deficient for some time now.

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