"The Glasair II kit is 45% assembled, but medical conditions prevent my father completing the project. The fuselage is assembled: the horizontal stabilizer is complete except for balancing the elevators; the control mechanisms in the wing are partially installed. All parts required for construction are on hand and have been factory supplied. In addition, the modifications for increased pitch stability are incorporated including a larger horizontal stabilizer and installed hardpoints to allow moving the wing back from its original position."

"Communication antennae are imbedded in the wing and horizontal stabilizer. Optional features included are a slanted instrument panel to provide the pilot better instrument scanning, and wing tip extensions adding about 24 inches in length on each side, further adding to the stability. Lycoming 0360A1A with a Hartzell constant speed chromed prop, governor and chromed spinner installed, with approximately 250 hours TT, having been used in a Thorp T18. Construction manuals and a complete parts list are included, the wing jig and engine hoist can be included with the project if desired. $29,000 for the total package."

Project is located in Arizona.

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