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Thread: uAvionix Echo UAT

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    uAvionix Echo UAT

    uAvionix has stopped making the TailBeacon EX model, but still have the TSO version. For more $. In talking to them just now, they have a whole bundle that includes In & Out, and antenna for $1400. Called ECHO UAT. Anybody have experience with this unit? Any surprise devices to purchase later, or actually all-inclusive?
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    I have an EchoUAT in my RV-12. It will also need a GPS source, like the SkyFYX. For $1400 you should be getting both. Works great; we're using it with an iFly 740B GPS. Traffic, weather, ADS-B OUT, all working well.
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    EchoUat with SkyFyx-ext worked great for me in an Acroduster. Basically mount the Echo, 2 antennas, connect three wires, a co-ax cable, and run a simple configuration on an app, and you are done. Easily done in a half day taking your time. It's complete for about $1400 except for the co-ax cable you need to purchase separately.

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    Have it in my RV-9A. Had a hard time configuring it and getting a pass from the FAA, mainly because I was given bad info from their tech support. Finally found the right guy and it passed and works great.
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    I have it in my RV-3 and it would have worked correctly first time if I had not had dyslexia on the first flight. After that it took a total of five flights and some tweaking and now it works great. Only problem is I look at the damn tablet too much and in a target rich training area it gets pretty busy, even with altitude filtering. Using with Avare.

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    If you have an experimental I don't know why you would opt for the tail or wingtip mounted Skybeacon. The whole thing with the skybeacon is a fast install time for certified aircrcaft.

    The EchoUAT is more feature rich and less expensive. You can install one in a few hours.

    It is small enough to mount on an inspection panel and have the GPS located out in a wingtip.

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