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Thread: Spacewalker II/Revolution II POH Information

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    Hi GizmoR53 (John), I bought one of the two Warner Sportster demo planes at the LSA Expo in Sebring in 2019. There wasn't much to the POH for that plane but I could copy what I have and email it as I think the Sportster is an evolved design from the Spacewalker. I know Warner was in the process of being sold when I bought the plane. The demo pilot, Pat Bulger, had flown my plane for Warner since 2009 when it was built. He might be able to give you more info on the Spacewalker. His phone # is 781 864-9418. My email is Hope this helps, Shane

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    Hi John,
    The group you should belong to is
    The principle plans owner (I think; things change sometimes) is Martin (Marty) Hone <>;
    Please try that and let us know if you have any difficulty (been a while since I've been in the forum or contacted Marty)
    John Bruesch
    Spacewalker II project in Iowa

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