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Thread: Folding Rotor Gyro

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    Folding Rotor Gyro

    I love the idea of Gyros and how compact they are, but the still won't fit in my garage. I've seen folding masts that would allow one to fit through my garage door, but the rotor would still be too long. Does anyone make a folding rotor? I've seen the PAL-V roadable gyro that seems to have it, but I don't need a roadable one. I just need one that will fit in my 19' deep garage.

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    Its do-able. As a routine practice, lots of room for accident if only one person doing it. I recall watching USMC H-34 helos being raised up to a ship's flight deck and the blades unfolded, swung into position, secured, safety wired and finally another Marine checking the first one's work. Then the engine was started and the A/C launched. I'm not comparing one kind of aircraft with another. I'm just saying that one guy checking another guy's work is a real good principle. considering that this involves a REAL critical component. It may be simpler to install a carefully placed window in the garage. Then there is the matter of rigging. Don't auto gyros use a little sweep back in their blades? I know how critical this is with helos.
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    folding rotor

    At HoneyBee we always took the rotor off and stored them in a box. I would suggest setting up a hoist for installing and removing the blades. Belive me carrying a set of blades up a step ladder is only for the young and strong.

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