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Thread: Do You Look Up?

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    OK Mr. Randy, you have done it now! I fly helicopter air ambulance and my track puts me directly over Midway (that's where the controllers want us) and your location frequently on trips from my base in South Bend to Loyola hospital. I'll now do my best to make some extra chopper noise when I fly over Cicero!

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    Ah ha! There is justice in the world for those really bad groaners. Randy, ya better bring your A game in 2021 cuz you be a marked man
    Dave Shaw
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    Then I've doubtless seen or heard your heli from time to time. I live close enough that late in the evening I can hear the air cargo jets reverse engines on landing..... over the normal 'hood gunfire of course - lol
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    I don't normally look up at jets, but one time I did. There was a POTUS TFR over the area and a Cessna entered the zone. An F-15 flew right overhead, supersonic, to intercept.

    I looked up at the "boom," but as I was inside a windowless building, it didn't help.....

    Ron Wanttaja

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