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Thread: Seaplane Accident

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    Seaplane Accident

    The current issue of PILOT, the AOPA magazine has a report on the accident at the seaplane base, couple of years ago. Its sad to read, I didn't know any of the people, I have a friend related to the pilot.
    This report is frankly written and makes it clear that some seaplanes are especially difficult taking off downwind in choppy conditions. I was at the base the next morning. I assume they could not go into the wind or would not clear the shore?

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    It read as though taking off downwind was just one link in the chain, and maybe not even a critical link.

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    Looking up the Lake owners manuals, take-offs are stated to be made with flaps down.

    Water is hard at takeoff speed so you typically want to lift off a minimum airspeed. That means flaps if available and into the wind. Hull seaplanes like the Lake have different issues than floatplanes. "Hooking" a tip float is a bad thing in a hull-ed seaplane for instance. And getting behind the airplane into a porpoise is another very bad thing in any seaplane.

    The entire accident chain is a fast series of all of the things you do not want to get into in a seaplane.

    Seaplanes are great fun but you have to respect the nautical aspects of Mother Nature until you are airborne. Everyone should add SES to their pilot certificate.

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    Seems to me here were a lot of issues. One sponson had been taking on water, really rough water in the 1.5 to 2 ft range, the guy was said to be in a hurry, the flaps were up, probably got behind due to heavy porpoising, hooked a wing (heavy wing due to the sponson issue?). When things start to go south ya got to be fast or you are going for a ride that typically ends badly.
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