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Thread: Where were the 20's & 30's big round engine vintage aircraft?

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    In the last week I have spoken to a number of round engine drivers who are planning to bring their 20's and 30's Vintage aircraft to Airventure 2012.
    Jim, we've found that listing (and especially including a picture of) the aircraft pre-registered for our fly-in on our website helps enthuse and encourages others to participate. So maybe a listing (pictures?) per your statement above would help get more "round engine drivers" to AirVenture ??

    Brent Taylor

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    Good idea Brent. In fact a fantastic idea. I'll run it up the flagpole with the people who can make things happen at EAA. Thanks.

    Larry and Ilse Harmacinski will be bringing in my Waco cabin for the show (I have to work). I staked out a place for them just yesterday in antique camping where they can watch the airshow under the wing of the YOC. I'll do the same for you Jim, if you like.

    I'd like to invite everybody down to the Museum Surplus Artifact Sale. We're getting rid of a lot of stuff that we've squirreled away over the years but will never use. Prop blades off a B-17, full size USAF drones, ejection seats, a Wright R3350, wire wheels, engine parts for everything imaginable, and much, much more. The sale is at the Museum Articaft storage facility which is on the road to the Ford Fly-In Theatre. In fact if you are watching a movie on the screen, turn around and you are looking at the backside of the building. Open 8-2 daily.
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