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Thread: To the EAA - it's OK if you have to cancel AirVenture 2020

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    We have canceled our rental car and hotel room.

    Just as the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics have been canceled until next year (2021), it would be prudent for AirVenture to do likewise.

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    I plan on showing up, cancelled or not. Not to intermingle with people but damn it, I want that 2020 patch!
    That way when I display it in my patch collection I can honestly say "I was there" even if no one else was.
    (Humor - trying to remain sane in an insane world.)

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    I agree with Randy. Its okay if Airventure is cancelled for the good of all of us. This year I want to attend more than ever due to the Air Force Special Operations Highlight being a former member of the 1st SOS. Will I continue to plan to attend? Yes. My wife works in the emergency room of a local hospital where they are caring for 2 patients with coronavirus, but I'm not going to become a hermit and hide from this, but I will practice social distancing and do everything in my power to protect myself and my family. Its still to early to call it off though at this time. EAA is doing the right thing by waiting. If by the June things aren't better, then canceling might be prudent.

    One thing I heard the other day is that because of the wet weather we've been having is that the ticks are going to be bad this year. If We all go to Oshkosh, we may all suffer the effects of Corona with Lyme. Think about it.

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    If they do have to cancel, I hope their event insurance covers health emergencies, or we might be talking about a very different EAA if it doesn't. AV is the life blood of the organization, not membership dues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scuba72 View Post
    …. we may all suffer the effects of Corona with Lyme.
    I'm willing to be a test subject.


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