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    Fraction Calculator Ap

    This may be old news to many of you but I just came across a great Fraction Calculator Ap. My math skills are not great but I am pretty efficient at calculating fractions. Something I used a lot when building my kit plane. My wife recently asked me for some help with a project that involved adding several fractions. If she ever did know how to calculate fractions she lost that knowledge long ago. She asked me to show her how to add and subtract fractions so she could do it for herself in the future. It turns out I'm better at calculating fractions than I am teaching someone else how to do it. When I was done she said, "OK, sure I get it," but not very convincingly. I ended up looking for an Ap for her and found a good one. The ap is called Fraction Calculator Plus, free Android on Google Store. This is a handy Ap, very simple to use. It will add, subtract, multiply and divide inches and fractions of an inch. After it gives the result, you have the option displaying the calculation so you can see steps involved. It also displays the result both in Fraction and in Decimal format to ten thousands of in inch. As I said, I'm pretty comfortable working with fractions but for something important, like cutting a part for my plane, I always write out the calculation and double check my work. I could have save a lot of time using this calculator when I was building my plane. Try it, I bet you'll like it.

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