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Thread: Scout Disconnect in Foreflight

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    Scout Disconnect in Foreflight

    We have used the Scout mounted on the side of the windshield since it first came out in 2017, a Bad Elf GPS, a Garmin GTX335, two iPad minis, and ForeFlight. Over the past year, we've been experiencing the Scout having increased episodes of dropping out and displaying No Data (the 2 green lights remain lit in the Scout). We both have an iPad mini and sometimes the data connection will come back to one but not the other. We've sent the data logs to ForeFlight but were told to "just restart the WiFi". All well and fine but this behavior is distracting to say the least while flying in the congested flying areas of the Front Range of Colorado. Is anyone else running into this? The thing is that ForeFlight can add all these incredible bells and whistles to an average flight but it means NOTHING if the Scout connection is lost and you can't see traffic on the screen. We still see the maps and the location of the plane so we know that ForeFlight and the Bad Elf GPS are working just fine.
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    Have you verified that your Scout has the latest firmware?

    Unfortunately, there are no user settings so there's not much to do. The "No Data" display on the map would normally indicate that Scout is connected to towers but hasn't received any weather info. Are you sure you're just not in a dead zone when this happens? Is the setting to show the towers on?

    What altitudes are you at when this is happening? There aren't a lot of towers in that area, so depending on your exact position, altitude, and any other interference, I'd guess it was highly probable that you could be losing signal.

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